Gainsboro LLC

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No two strategies are the same. At Gainsboro LLC, we have a library of investment algorithms and strategies ready to use. No two algorithms are the same, and we ensure all of our strategies make sustainable returns and consistent strategies.


Outside of our library, we are ready to develop new algorithms for your use. Consult us for your next investment algorithm to automate your investments and consistent returns! Whether it's the stock market or cryptocurrency, we are ready to help you tackle any market.

SRMM Artificial Intelligence

Our SRMM AI strategy ensures investor success within the foreign exchange markets. Using technical factors and artificial intelligence to improve upon our performance, this strategy will produce long entry trade ideas for 6 currency pairs.

Overvalued Shorting Algorithm

The market isn't perfect. With some stocks reaching 200% growth in one day without any catalysts, our algorithm seeks to find unsupported market growth to suggest a heavy downside position. With an accuracy of 86%, this algorithm will complement any investor's trading portfolio. 

Undervalued Algorithm

After heavy research and development, our team developed an investment algorithm that utilizes volume and price action to provide short-term investor upside. 

Swing Trade Analysis

Our Swing Trade Analysis provides investors a more long-term investment horizon. Using a variety of fundamental factors and optimized weighing for different factors, our swing trade analysis provides investors with a recommendation for a mid-to-long-term trade. 

Fundamental Analysis

By analyzing financial reports and economic indicators, our fundamental analysis provides investors a long-term investment analysis of companies. This algorithm will ensure investors that their investment will be fit for the current economy. 

Cryptocurrency Artificial Intelligence

The rising popularity of cryptocurrency is making the market more active, and more demand for investment solutions for the market. Our algorithm will allow traders to enter the market without any fear. By utilizing different chart indicators and technical factors, our Cryptocurrency AI provide investment results that rival top firms.